YouGoCulture platform: Born in Greece... Addressed to the World!

The Implementing Body

The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) is taking full advantage of its competitive edge, i.e. its academia and researchers and the profound knowledge they possess in a broad range of subjects, and has incorporated this task within its effort to undertake consistently activities beyond those exclusively dedicated to Education and Research, thus meeting one of the accountability pillars of the “European University”, the one referring to its contribution to the community and the society. Within this context, actions of a broader scientific and social character are constantly planned towards a consistently established direction, rendering NKUA an inseparable and vivid part of the Greek society, with presence and activity in all facets of the social processes, both in Greece and internationally.


To this end, YouGoCulture, which is recent initiative of the E-Learning Programme of the NKUA, constitutes an innovative and unique attempt to promote Greek culture in an extrovert manner and on two levels: on the one hand it shall showcase the country's priceless cultural heritage and on the other, familiarize the international public with aspects of the Greek society of today.

Balancing learning and entertainment in a promising and technologically updated way, brings about an interactive online platform which aspires to offer unique and individualised experiences regarding excellent examples of Greece's great history and of the uniqueness of the cultural flourishing of its regions (including the broader south-eastern Mediterranean) to anyone interested wherever they may reside, the only requirement being an internet connection.

This endeavour aims at offering exceptional Virtual Tours at certain “sites” of the longstanding culture of Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean. YouGoCulture as an integrated environment of images and information, but also of consolidated popular knowledge, attempts to record points of global interest and to offer access to them by familiarizing the world with the achievements of civilizations that constituted the cradle of the evolution and the values of the modern world as we know it.

Implementation/ Content / Audience

By utilizing the capacity of the digital technology applications, a new take on the experience of travelling ‒which in this particular context could be coined "e-travelling"‒ aspires to eradicate distances through either an exclusive, online educational tour or an actual, comprehensive touristic visit. YouGoCulture focuses both on the past and the present of extraordinary destinations by embarking on an interactive and exciting digital journey. It extends an invitation to internet users worldwide, either experienced or future ones, and to potential visitors who are on a quest for substantial contact with culture. Especially, to experienced travellers for whom a skin deep and "mainstream" relationship with a destination and the culture of its people does not suffice and who feel the need to know it on a deeper level by getting acquainted with all its aspects prior to their visit, after it, or without actually visiting it at all.

The vision of the people behind this project has as its starting point the need to utilize the competitive advantages of the Greek environment, while it is founded upon the experience and high level of specialization of academic staff who are also embracing the effort.


The YouGoCulture platform is already under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism of the Hellenic Republic, while it is realized through joint forces, cooperation, advisory or supportive way by:

  • Responsible divisions/ services of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports (Ephorates of Antiquities, General Directorate of Antiquities & Cultural Heritage )
  • Local Authorities (Region of Attica - Directorate of Tourism, City of Athens Convention and Visitors Bureau)
  • Organizations and associations of cultural or touristic activities (Hellenic Festival S.A. - Athens & Epidaurus Festival - Epidaurus Lyceum: International Summer School on Ancient Drama]
  • Local societies representatives
  • As well as the public (crowdfunding – Act4Greece* - National Bank of Greece)


A result of vital significance, the selection of the project YouGoCulture by the Act4Greece program of the National Bank of Greece An online platform that has been created for the first time in Greece and enables the gathering of resources from the “crowd” – from anyone interested, wherever they may be in the world. The core philosophy of crowdfunding is to enhance awareness among the public and to motivate people to contribute, as much as they can, to the implementation of projects that are needed by Greek society. (Source:


*Act4Greece is supported by National Bank of Greece in strategic cooperation with organizations and foundations of international standing, such as the Alexandros S. Onassis Foundation, the John S. Latsis Foundation, the Bodossaki Foundation, the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO, and the Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility.

All these institutions contribute to the program by offering their know-how while also leveraging the potential of the crowdfunding platform so as to broaden and multiply the resources for projects or actions that they already support. (Source:

Content – Implementation / Development

Each destination is being presented on the basis of its important cultural heritage (Myth) and its contemporary life (Experience).

Points of Interest (POI) are identified, having as reference points the archaeological sites and other spots of cultural significance, based on the rationale of consolidated documentation of each destination, providing the history and the contemporary life through the production of original audiovisual material, accompanied by an informative text in English.

Land & Sea

Places of environmental or geological interest.

Entertainment & Good Life

Points of touristic interest (alternative or other).

Cultural and other activities.

Venues of contemporary culture and recreation.

Food & Drink

Local traditional products, recipes or local cuisine.

Active Destinations

  • E learning University of Athens
  • 5 Stadiou Str., zip code 10562, Athens, Greece
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