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Each destination is developed on the basis of its important cultural heritage (Myth) and its contemporary life (Experience). Points of Interest (POI) are recorded, having as a reference point archaeological sites or places of cultural/ touristic significance. Just click on your point of interest and start your journey. Get insights and tips, inspire yourself and enjoy a unique journey!

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Kourion Kourion
An outstanding archaeological park
Rhodes Rhodes
The Knights’ island
Santorini Santorini
Aegean’s eternal sunset
Patmos Patmos
A glimpse in St. John’s cave- where the Apocalypse was written
Samos Samos
The most luxurious ancient Greek city
Corinth Corinth
The most luxurious ancient Greek city
Phillippi Phillippi
The city of Phillip II, father of Alexander the Great
Thessaloniki Thessaloniki
At the crossroads of Ancient, Byzantine and Modern Greece
Vergina Vergina
The Macedonian royal tombs
Meteora Meteora
Climbing to the heavens
Dodoni Dodoni
The oldest of the Greek oracles
Syracuse Syracuse
The famous Greek colony of Magna Graecia
Agrigento Agrigento
A magnificent ridge of Greek temples outside Greece
Selinunte Selinunte
The ancient Greek city and the temple of Hera