YouGoCulture - an online interactive platform for virtual tours around Greece

One of those ideas, born out of Greece's financial debris is YouGoCulture, an initiative that aims to promote Greek culture through technology, showcasing the country's rich cultural heritage whilst acquainting the international public with aspects of today's Hellenic reality.

"Through an interactive online platform, YouGoCulture offers unique and individualised experiences that combine both learning and entertainment," scientific collaborator Panos Charitos tells Neos Kosmos.

The platform uses technology to eradicate distances through either an exclusive, online educational tour or an actual, comprehensive touristic visit to Greece. In what has been coined as e-travel, people from across the world can now experience 'Virtual Tours'of certain sites across Greece and the eastern Mediterranean.

"The app allows the user to be immersed in both the past and the future of extraordinary destinations, whether it be popular modern touristy spots or historical landmarks," Charitos explains.

"YouGoCulture is an integrated environment of images, videos, and sounds and other types of information, but also consists of consolidated popular knowledge in a broad range of subjects provided by Greece's leading academics, researchers, and creatives."

Active Destinations

  • E learning University of Athens
  • 5 Stadiou Str., zip code 10562, Athens, Greece
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