Are you sure it’s all (Classical) Greek to you? 

Classical Greek level A is here to help! Together we will learn to uncover the roots of numerous words in various languages, gain insight into the etymology of words, begin to understand scientific terminology across fields like medicine, history, math, physics, and so much more. We will explore the precision of Greek, even in homonyms, and we will even speak by using words and phrases that Plato, Aristotle and so many other philosophers used, in order to understand them the best possible way!

We will fearlessly delve into the language's mathematical structure and experience the timeless nature of Classical Greek, discovering that so many words we still use today, come from the distant ancient greek past. The Greek economisy Xenophon Zolotas exemplified the richness of the Greek language in a historic speech.

If you are among the millions of people around the world that for centuries appreciate Greek's unique timelessness, precision, and influence on diverse fields, if you want to experience its historical continuity, and witness its impact on global communication, you are on the right track!

As people venture into Greek for various reasons - Homer, philosophy, Classical Period achievements, koine Greek, New Testament, Byzantine writings, and more - dispel the notion that Greek is inscrutable. While Classical Greek may seem challenging, millions have successfully learned it throughout history, making it a language with an unparalleled legacy. Let's embark on a new learning journey together!

Classical Greek online Course (Level A) - 12 week online self-paced course that requires no previous knowledge of Ancient Greek. Apply now.  

Classical Greek Level A

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